17 Hidden Entry Closet Organization Ideas You Need To Know (2024)

Your entry closet is a total disaster if you’re anything like me. It’s crammed full of coats, hats, scarves, shoes, and sports equipment from every family member in the house, and there’s never enough space to put everything away neatly. There are plenty of entry closet organization ideas that can help you make the most of your small storage space.Get the best hallway coat closet organization ideas and expert tips to create a stylish and clutter-free home.

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Start With a Blank Canvas

First thing first, before you can organize your stuff, you need to start from scratch. This is the first step in entry closet organization ideas. That means removing all the visual clutter in your closet and cleaning the space quickly. You can only assess the available space and develop a solid organizational plan if it’s empty.

Besides emptying your closet, you also need to identify which items you want to keep and which ones you want to throw away or donate. Doing this can help you determine what you need for your closet.

Identify Your Closet’s Storage Needs

Now that you’ve decluttered your entry closet, it’s time to start exploring the organization options available to you. Measure your closet beforehand to understand better what storage solutions you need to buy.

Here are some ideas to help you out.

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Hanging Storage

If you have winter coats, jackets, and other out-of-season items, incorporating hanging storage is a great way to organize them. You can install a rod at the back of your walk-in closet and use hangers to hang your clothes. Alternatively, you can also install open shelving for items you need easy access to, such as baseball caps, extra shoes, small recreational items, purses and bags, and other miscellaneous items.

For outerwear you use repeatedly, you can put command hooks or over-the-door organizers on the back of the door so you can grab it and go anywhere.

Fabric Bins

You can find containers of different styles and sizes at home or in storage stores. What you’ll need will depend on the items you want to store. For example, you can use smaller bins for small items like pet supplies to keep them out of sight but still have easy access when needed. Another option is to add bins on your closet floor.

However, if you have much larger items — like sports equipment — you may need to find a more significant-sized bin to fit all your stuff. These bins are one of my favorite entry closet organization ideas.

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Storage Cubes

In terms of other cleaning supplies, diaper bags, and other similar items, you can store them easily using storage cubes. The cubes can sit on shelves and create a sleek, simple, and space-saving solution for smaller items. Also, they can double as a shoe organizer for your flats, flip-flops, sneakers, and slippers.

Shoe Racks

Speaking of shoes, if storage cubes are not enough to fit all of your footwear, you can also integrate shoe racks into your floor space. They come in all sizes (some with different levels) and are a sanity saver regarding messy footwear. Leave some open space where you can place shoes that don’t fit on the shoe rack, like winter boots, tall boots, rain boots, and other chunky pieces.

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Mix and Match Storage Options

With so many entry closet organization ideas, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Having a variety of cubes, racks, bins, and hangers can add diversity and texture to your small spaces, giving them more character and personality. It’s much more effective — and stylish — if you mix and match.

Are you worried about the limited space? You can play around with different ideas to make the area more conducive to your needs. You can incorporate multi-purpose storage solutions to make your life easier. For example, you can add a top layer on your shoe racks, which can double as a bench.

Maximize Every Inch of Space

A front hall closet is often smaller than what you need it to be. That’s why it’s essential to maximize as much space as possible. Don’t leave any awkward corners unused. Rather than leaving them empty and untouched, you can use these corners as additional storage for items that don’t fit your bins, hangers, and cubes.

But if you have nothing else to put there, you can use this area as a space, so your small closets don’t feel cramped or cluttered.

Build High Shelves

In many households, homeowners tend to focus on the available horizontal closet space because this is usually the area they can easily reach. In doing so, they completely ignore the open vertical space they can use for other items.

The top shelf, for instance, can serve as extra storage for items you no longer need but want to keep as a remembrance. Whether it be old baby clothes, childhood toys, or school equipment, the top of the closet is the perfect spot for them.

Add Built-ins

If you don’t have an entryway closet or it’s too small to fit your needs, you can always try to hire contractors to design a custom built-in closet. These are great solutions to fit every item in your closet perfectly.

Many stores offer an entry hall tree bench with built-in cubbies and hooks as an entry closet if your home is missing one. They come in various sizes and styles, so finding one to fit your decor will not be hard.

These are perfect for hanging a coat and purse and baskets for shoes and accessories. The bench offers the perfect spot to put your boots on, and some even offer a mirror to check your hair before you leave.

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Utilize Your Existing Features

If you’re worried about the added cost a built-in closet might give you, you can always leverage the design of your home’s existing features. If you have a window, you can use the window sill as a shelf; if you have coat hooks by your front door, you can use them to store your jackets.

You don’t need to splurge to get the design you want — all you need to do is be strategic in your approach. Sometimes functionality over rules appearances when it comes to entry closet organization ideas.

Go for a More Reflective Design

While you can get unlimited inspiration from Pinterest and interior design magazines, it’s best to infuse your style with your closet design. You can add wallpaper at the back of your closet, opt for dual-tone painting, or mix textures. The possibilities are endless!

Be Bold With Your Closet Color Choice

While you can never go wrong with white or beige, if you want to add some oomph to your design, the best way to do so is to go bold with your color choices. Right now, emerald green is becoming trendy. But if you want to play with other colors, by all means, go for it! Just make sure that the color you choose fits well with the aesthetic of the rest of your house.

Don’t know where to start? The first step is to assess the rest of your home and find ways to reflect your closet design with the elements. That is an easy way to achieve consistency and coherence in your overall strategy.

Also, consider going light and bright. Many closets are dark and dreary. Adding light in your space will help, and so will wall color. Consider a bright and clean color to reflect the light and make it easier to see which boots you want to wear.

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Incorporate Symmetry

An organized closet always integrates symmetry in one way or another. Be sure to keep this in mind when designing your personal space. You can either incorporate storage solutions in pairs or follow the rule of thirds. You can establish a neat and organized space by creating balance in your design.

Make Use of the Space Under Your Staircase

Need extra space for your shoe storage or out-of-season outerwear? Try the one under your stairs. People often overlook this unused space, but it can make a world of difference in your organization. Consider opening up the space (and adding a light) to store all those items that are not being used. Many people will store holiday decor and winter clothing in the off-season. There is usually a lot of wasted space under the stairs, and every inch matters when living in a smaller home. Don’t overlook this one.

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Style It Well

Yes, the function is important when designing your closet, but you should never forget about style. Function and style always go hand-in-hand when you’re talking about interior design. That said, allow space where you can put trinkets and decorative elements. An aesthetically pleasing area will make you feel like using it. Adding a color palette with your favorite bins, containers, shelves, and baskets will add style to your entryway closet. Your choice ultimately depends on your personal preference.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

Finally, don’t forget about lighting. Closet spaces are often dark and gloomy. Brighten the room by installing bright lights or hanging a small chandelier (which can double as a statement piece) to elevate the closet space to a new level.

If you don’t have the best type of ceiling for a chandelier or mounted light fixture, investing in LED strip lights around the top of the closet or under shelves is a great alternative. This kind of lighting is an excellent way to brighten the space while adding a sleek and modern flair.

If your entry closet is more chaotic than calm, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most challenging places in the home to keep organized, primarily if you have limited space to work. But there are plenty of ways to hack your entry closet and turn it into an oasis of organization (no matter how small). By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to having an organized entryway that makes coming and going a breeze.

17 Hidden Entry Closet Organization Ideas You Need To Know (2024)
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