13 Unique HOCO Theme Ideas (NEW For Fall!) (2024)

Inside: Unique HOCO theme ideas that you will love this fall.

These HOCO themes just aren’t swinging it like they used to. It’s time to spice them up and make them relevant again. Today I list my favorite of the unique HOCO ideas to revamp this old tradition and make it new.

Everything on this list is relevant to today’s trending topics and themes.

So get together with your planning committee and discuss what exactly you guys are looking for and which of these ideas on this list will work for you.

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After you’ve decided, the real fun comes from the planning. Oh, and of course, in asking about your date. Hoco proposals are such a big part of the fun!

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Creative HOCO Ideas

1. 70s Theme

The 70s were a wild decade for style, music, and the world. Recently, the 70s style has begun to come back. People are adding 70s-inspired decor into their homes, clothes in their closets, and music to their record collections. What better time to capitalize on this than right now?

Putting together this party will be a blast. For the decorations, you can use the classic 70s color arches that many people are painting onto the walls of their homes. You can hang a few disco balls for some added glamor and color. One of my favorite ideas is to use the funky 70s wallpaper as the backdrop to the prom photos. This will confuse your kids once you get older and have them.

They’ll look back at photos and question what era you’re from, and you’ll just have to say…

My prom was set in the 70s…not me.


For a Marvel Themed homecoming dance, guests can come up with ways to dress like their favorite superhero while still looking dapper and fancy. It’s a bit of a challenge, but it’s all in good fun.

The dance floor will be all lit up and decorated with things associated with Marvel. You may have to get your resident Marvel Nerds(aka Marvel Lovers) to help you with this.

3. Cosmic

This is a very classy space theme. People can come dressed up as the stars, with lots of twinkles and lights. The room may be a little dark, but it will be beautiful with all the decor ideas below.

For the decorations, you’ll want star-themed lights that twinkle…and lots of them. These should be the main light source, so there must be tons. These space projectors also illuminate the room with different stars and planets. You can hang larger fake planets all around the room. Use lots of space grey ribbons and table liners to bring this theme together.

4. Cottage Core

Cottage core is a newly popularized style quickly becoming beloved in 2022. It’s a woodsy and fairy-inspired theme, with naturalistic hippy aspects and lots of greenery.

To achieve this, you will need many fake plants and vines to decorate. Little mushroom candles or decor items are a must as well. Earth tones are the only colors you’ll want to use. Those, along with some gold decor, will be absolutely perfect. You can also include some fake crystals and light reflecting spheres all throughout the room.

Moss is another great touch that will not go unnoticed.

Just picture what a homecoming would look like in the movie Furngully and you are all set.

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Famous High School Dance Themes

5. Masquerade

This is a classic idea that never goes out of style. You can decorate this as a classy ball and have all the guests dress up with masquerade masks to complete the timeless feel. It’s a fun idea that not only brings the theme alive through the decor but the guests as well.

It’s always a winner.

6.Hoco Theme Ideas:Twilight

This one might seem a bit silly, but it’ll be a smash hit. For some reason unknown to me, the Twilight movies have resurfaced in popularity over the past year. This theme would be seriously loved by the students.

For the decorations, again, you will need some simple outdoor lights. You can try to model this exactly from the movies, or you can simply add Twilight-themed stations. Make sure to play songs from the movie’s soundtrack!

7. Stranger Things

Now this one, I understand. Stranger things have come to quite the climactic part of the series this year, taking the world by storm. There are many simple ways that you can make a homecoming Stranger Things themed.

First of all, the snacks should be Eggos and co*ke-a-cola without question. You can have signs saying welcome to Hawkins Middle School and recreate their dance room from the end of the second season. Guests can dress up the 80s inspired if they’d like, and of course, the music has to be from that era as well. So cute, right?

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Fancy HOCO Theme Ideas

8. Enchanted Forrest

You will need many fake plants and whimsical white drapes for this one. Fairy tea lights wouldn’t hurt either. You are going to want to make it feel like an enchanted forest. All the guests can come dressed in fairy Esq style clothing, and the food should also be on the theme.

9. Old Hollywood

I love the idea of an old Hollywood-themed party. The guests will get to dress up in extra fancy-themed clothing, and the overall feel of the place should transport you to another time.

You can get lots of ideas online, but one of my favorites is setting up the photo section like a red carpet with paparazzi.

10. Hoco Theme Ideas: Disney

Have you ever wanted to be a Disney prince or princess for the night? Well, now you can be! You can go in any direction with this as you see fit. You could make it look like Cinderella’s Ball or the dance from Beauty and the Beast…so many awesome options.

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11.Regency Era London

This one may be a bit more obvious to the future kiddos. My inspiration here was like all of the PG parts of the Netflix show Bridgerton. A classic Regency Era London is the time period the show was set in. This will be a classy affair.

You will need simple twinkle lights to be strung up all along the ceiling, simple punches, and classy snacks. If you wanted, you could go as far as having everyone who wants to participate wear those little notes around their wrists where people write their names to reserve a dance together. One of the most important things you’ll need is classical music. Not just any classical music though, classical covers of new songs.

If your school can’t afford a fancy string band, the Bridgerton soundtrack will do just fine!

12.Hoco Theme Ideas:Greece

This one is simple. You deck it out with while clothes, grapevines, and the nicest of plastic drink-ware you can find. You can serve Grecian food and have some fake columns up as well. It’ll be a sinch!

13. The Great Gatsby

And lastly, the roaring 20s. Better known as a Great Gatsby party. For this, you have to decorate the place like it’s the home of the Great Gatsby himself. Everyone should dress up from this era, and even the snacks should reflect it. This one is always a winner.

So there you have it, 13 of the best unique hoco theme ideas for the year of 2022. I hope you found these inspirational, and if you didn’t find one that fits your style, I hope that they at least pointed you in the right direction.

There are so many more things to get done after deciding on the theme. You have to finish the planning, get the decorations, propose to your date, and then find something to wear… so you better get the ball rolling!

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13 Unique HOCO Theme Ideas (NEW For Fall!) (2024)
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